Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Beginnings

Let's start with a new beginning. This is appropriate because it is the New Year and I count this as a New Years Resolution. As I was lying in my bed tonight, I came up with the idea of starting a blog about my life in a small town. I'm not shy from blogging, so I thought it would be a good idea for myself to start writing about different situations I go through -- whether it be just a normal entry, a poem, or a rant -- but maybe others who read about how I'm feeling can help them relate as well. I mentioned I live in a small town, which is completely opposite from what you see in Pretty Little Liars; all the good-looking guys, the crazy drama, and always having something to do with your friends, it's mostly me sitting in my room on a Friday night googling some kind of dance lessons I can sign up for (not that I dance). Though my life isn't a complete bore, I do sometimes envy the drama friends complain to me about; whether it be about an ex-best friend, a guy obsessed with her, or a crazy traveling opportunity in Europe. But even though I don't have the most exciting life, I feel this will help heal a few wounds I have received in my life by sharing it with whoever is willing to listen.

So let me tell you a little about myself. In most of the situations in my life, I have acted independent. I am incredibly honest (which if I think about it, I get from my dad who is quite brutally honest). I am the youngest of the family with two much older siblings, so I have always felt that I'd have to experience most things on my own, since we didn't attend high school at the same time or attend university events together. Most of the time, my view on life is positive and I always convince myself something good will come out of every bad situation - even though most of the time it doesn't. It's hard for me to become really close with someone and share details about my life, since I have done so very easily before and have been wounded, losing friends along the way. It's just been a challenge for me to trust again. With that said, I do love the true friends I have and am always looking out for their best interest. I think the last piece of information you need to know for now is: I'm single. I know this probably looks like I accidentally wrote my "About me" section on instead of Lavalife, but really, this info will help in understanding the way I react to events in my life and the feelings I have towards school, friends, drama and let's not forget my favorite: boys.

Through the hectic but usually unexciting events of my life, I will always remember that tomorrow is another day.


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